Your turn: June 30


Re: “Politics is intrusive”, in your turn, Monday:

I find it incredibly misleading that a group of healthcare workers are concerned about obeying employment rules – getting a COVID-19 vaccine – to maintain a safe environment for other employees and patients.

Typically, nurses and other health care workers should receive hepatitis B vaccine, influenza vaccine, annual physical and drug screening. Failure to comply with these may result in termination; it is part of their employment contract. They had signed and accepted these directives.

The Houston Methodist Hospital group that refused a COVID-19 vaccine appears to be a small minority who want to introduce ridiculous policy into healthcare. Not only is this irresponsible, but it undermines their integrity as professionals. Politics have no place in health care decisions. It is a shame that these people put their politics before their professional obligations. Good riddance!

Randy G. Whitworth

The mandate makes sense

The author commented that a hospital’s requirement for its employees to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine is an intrusive policy and “takes precedence” over personal rights. People have the right to refuse vaccination, but they should not be surprised or outraged when their employer exercises their right to require it as a condition of employment, especially in medical settings.

Linda Gómez Richter

No censorship here

Re: “No right toons?”, Your turn, Sunday:

Letter to editor accuses Express-News of attacking our First Amendment rights to free speech and free press because the newspaper published political cartoons mocking Fox News and suggesting people pay little attention to Tucker Carlson.

The First Amendment states that “Congress will not make any law … restricting freedom of speech or of the press.” I do not see the Express News as an arm of Congress or any other part of the federal government. Ironically, the Express-News published the critical letter to the editor. Not exactly the deletion, is it?

Dave seacey


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