Xinjiang Residents Demystify Lies About Human Rights Abuse With Personal Experiences


Special: Xinjiang

Residents of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (northwest China) on Thursday denied the lies of politicians in some Western countries about human rights violations in Xinjiang with their personal experiences.

During a press conference held in Beijing by the Xinjiang regional government, several residents of Xinjiang shared their own stories via video link.

Alimjan Apsamat, a graduate of a vocational education and training center, is now a guide at the Zepu County Museum in Kashgar Prefecture. He said he was deeply influenced by thoughts of religious extremism until his family persuaded him to take the initiative to study at the center.

He said the center has free board and lodging, and classes include laws and regulations, professional skills and de-radicalization content. The interns’ freedom of religious belief was fully respected and protected.

“Through education at the center, I understood what is good and what is not, and gradually became more cheerful and energetic,” said Alimjan Apsamat, adding that he was grateful to the center. for helping him to get rid of thoughts of religious extremism and become a useful person in society.

Mamat Mamatmin, imam of a mosque on Chinebagh Street in Moyu County, Hotan Prefecture, said that “restricting religious freedom” is complete slander and libel against Xinjiang,

“As far as I know, these so-called ‘government-held religious figures’ are in fact criminals who preach religious extremism and engage in separatist, destructive and violent terrorist activities under the banner of Islam.” , did he declare.

These extreme acts have caused great disasters to the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, including Muslims, and have significantly damaged the image of Islam in Xinjiang, added Mamat Mamatmin.

Salaman Alim is the parent of a student at a local boarding school in Xinhe County, Aksu Prefecture. She said sending her child to residential school was a voluntary choice for her family.

“My husband and I are very happy to see that our child is well fed, well housed and well educated in school. When our youngest daughter goes to college, we also plan to send her to a boarding school.”

Responding to a recent meeting of US officials with residents of Xinjiang abroad, Elijan Anayat, spokesman for the Xinjiang regional government, said that these so-called “witnesses” are actually “actors” who are winning. their lives by spreading rumors about Xinjiang.

It is absolutely ironic that US officials, ignoring the basic facts, have encountered these so-called “victims” and made irresponsible remarks about the human rights situation in Xinjiang, he added.

“We strongly call on some people in Western countries to return to rationality, facts and morals, to remove the colored glasses, to let go of narrow-minded prejudices and to face the remarkable achievements of Xinjiang in rights. of man, “said Xu Guixiang, also a spokesman for the regional government, said at the press conference.


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