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Clients will have access to nine different modules comprehensively covering a range of financial topics in the UAE.

National Takaful Company (Watania) will be the first insurance company in the region to provide free access to Souqalmal’s financial education platform – MoneyDoctor, to all of its clients.

Watania, one of the region’s most successful and profitable Takaful institutions, is committed to improving the financial literacy and education of its clientele by enrolling them in MoneyDoctor – the digital financial education platform from Souqalmal.

Clients will have access to nine different modules comprehensively covering a range of financial topics in the UAE. From settling in the country to managing your debt to buying a property, the MoneyDoctor program provides advice on various financial and banking matters, thus enabling its users to optimize their monetary matters in the Emirates. Arab Emirates and increase their heritage.

As the economy recovers from the effects of the pandemic, several residents have struggled to recover from pay cuts, unforeseen medical expenses and job losses.

According to a 2021 survey by PwC, 63% of those polled said their financial stress increased exponentially during the pandemic. Lack of financial understanding and discipline further fueled this stress – stress that could have been avoided if residents had been prepared for financial uncertainties.

Gautam Datta, CEO of National Takaful Company, said: “It is a fact that those who are financially savvy and have solid financial plans in place have a better understanding of insurance and credit products. “

The MoneyDoctor program includes interactive and downloadable presentations and tools to guide users on various financial matters. Their modules on settling in the UAE help new residents of the UAE to open bank accounts, rent out residences, establish lines of credit, and purchase necessary insurance.

Other modules range from selecting new credit cards to investing in real estate, changing vehicles, understanding the credit scoring mechanism and optimizing your monthly budget to grow your savings.

Datta adds, “By funding this program for our customers, we are fulfilling our duty to our policyholders to increase their level of awareness and we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility to improve financial literacy in the UAE and help improve financial literacy in the UAE. financial well-being. “

The content is fully localized in the United Arab Emirates and their respective regulations. It is available online and the modules can be viewed and followed throughout the year at the time and convenience of each user.

Ambareen Musa, CEO of Souqalmal, said: “This is the first time that an insurance company in the region has taken a stand on improving financial literacy and discipline. We have developed MoneyDoctor as an independent learning platform to help and guide users through the various financial stages they take in their lifetimes. It is heartwarming to see Watania endorsing the importance of financial education in this region. “- [email protected]

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