Trump’s children retained free access to the limo after he left office – and it cost taxpayers $ 1.7 million


Former President Donald Trump issued a “very unusual order” before stepping down – granting six more months of Secret Service protection to his four adult children and three senior administration officials.

The Washington post reported on Friday that the total cost of the additional protection was $ 1.7 million.

While this is only a fraction of the Secret Service’s $ 2.4 billion budget, a government watchdog said the charges were a “moral choice” for the Trump children – “which agents followed. for ski vacations, weekend homes, a resort in Cabo San Lucas, and overseas business trips, ”according to the Post.

Jim Helminski, a former Secret Service executive, said Trump appears to have given “public service as a private benefit to those around him.”

“Who wouldn’t like to continue their free limousine service and easy access to restaurant tables? Said Helminski. “Even though there was a credible risk to Trump’s family and associates, these people are now private citizens who can afford to hire very talented private security companies for their personal protection.”

Jordan Libowitz, spokesperson for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, said Trump’s children failed the “moral choice” test when they refused to quash at least some of the Secret Service charges.

“The patriotic thing would obviously be not to instruct the government to stay in your properties, and not to profit or profit from the government,” Libowitz said. “It’s so easy for them to write off the rooms. And we don’t see it.”

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