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Waiwai Water Treatment Plant.

Good news for the people of Ba as the Waiwai sewage treatment plant was commissioned today at a value of $9.46 million.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said the project was delayed due to extreme construction difficulty during the global COVID-19 pandemic, but it will now change lives.

Bainimarama says Waiwai’s previous water treatment plant was older than the nation it served, built more than 60 years ago, it had a treatment capacity of 13 million liters per day.

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He says this new station nearly doubles that capacity to 20 million liters per day.

“We don’t need to read a sustainability report to understand the value of clean water and reliable sanitation in our lives. We all know that access to safe drinking water is essential to national development. We drink water, we use it to keep clean, grow crops and transport goods, because we depend on water sources, like our rivers and reefs, to feed us.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the new water treatment plant can handle high levels of turbidity, which means it can provide drinking water even during storms and floods.

The plant also has a standby generator providing Ba Township, its communities, industries and businesses with a level of resilience and reliability never experienced before.

Bainimarama says that since 2009 they have allocated more than $1.56 billion for water and wastewater projects.

“Lack of adequate sanitation means the prevalence of preventable diseases and tragically shorter, lower quality lives. The cleaner our water is and the less exposure we have to dirty water, the healthier we can become. simple truth is the moral and development imperative that underpins the water and wastewater infrastructure investments we have made across the country.

This new project will benefit more than 46,000 Fijians, as well as manufacturing industries and businesses in the Ba district.

Bainimarama also added that in this regard, the Fiji Water Authority is also undertaking massive new development projects such as the Rewa River Water Supply Scheme to ensure the continuous supply of drinking water to the Fijians living in the Suva-Nausori corridor, the most populated region. from the country.


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