Routledge to Launch World’s First Open Research Publishing Center for HSS that Combines Books and Articles in One Place


Routledge Open Research, will use the publishing model, technology and knowledge developed by Routledge Open Research Publishing Partner F1000

Routledge Open Research is uniquely positioned to provide rapid and comprehensive access to this range of research and formats for the benefit of the academic community, industry and society at large.

– Rebecca Lawrence, General Manager of F1000

LONDON, UK, November 9, 2021 / – Routledge, a leading arts, humanities and social sciences (HSS) publisher, part of the Taylor & Francis Group, will launch the first publishing platform of open-world research specifically aimed at the HSS community that combines books, articles and other research findings in one interdisciplinary place.

The publishing platform known as Routledge Open Research, will use the publishing model, technology and knowledge developed by their open research publishing partner F1000 (which Taylor & Francis Group acquired in 2020) to provide researchers in HSS with a quick, accessible and collaborative place to publish. their work.

Supporting the mission of the HSS community to influence research, policy and practice, and to have real impact, Routledge Open Research will enable all research results to be published in open access and combine the benefits of pre-printing with mechanisms to ensure quality and transparency. These include guest and open peer review, article release management, archiving and indexing.

The platform will endorse the FAIR Data Principles, allowing authors to share their underlying data and media, further accelerating the pace of discovery, providing credit and recognition to authors, and ultimately improving public confidence in research.

Ian White, Portfolio Development Specialist at Routledge, said: “With the trend towards open research gathering momentum within the HSS community, we have leveraged our relationship with F1000 to create a publishing platform. credible that supports easy, fast, and transparent publication while giving authors the ability to increase the discoverability, accessibility, and reach of their research.

“A vital part of open research is ‘knowledge mobilization’. It’s about getting as many relevant stakeholders as possible to get involved in the published content. When you consider that the primary goal of a researcher is to make a difference through their work, Routledge Open Research offers a way to maximize contact with multiple audiences. These interactions will undoubtedly inform the author’s work, creating a virtuous circle towards real impact.

In addition to research papers, Routledge Open Research will offer a variety of peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed content, such as books (through our new Open Plus Books initiative), data notes, tools. software, articles on methods, guidance notes, case studies, posters. , slides and technical reports, offering academics, institutions, departments, funders and companies the opportunity to publish all research results in a dedicated interdisciplinary space.

Anna Clarkson, Editorial Director at Routledge, said: “Earlier this year, we launched Open Plus Books, our new book publishing concept that combines the T&F and F1000 publishing models to publish fast, open books. first, dynamic, iterative and updatable. This reinvention of the book means that a wide and diverse range of results from all stages of the HSS research process can now sit side by side in an interdisciplinary space, allowing researchers, institutions, corporations and funders to funds to maintain powerful and impactful collections with the potential to make an impact in the real world. This is, to me, what makes Routledge Open Research truly unique.

Rebecca Lawrence, CEO of F1000, said: “Routledge Open Research is an exciting partnership that perfectly marries Routledge’s reputation as a world leader and editorial expertise in SHS with F1000’s pioneering open research publishing model. Today’s HSS research is incredibly rich and is a crucial part of solving many of today’s problems, requiring increasing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration. We see the techniques, data and methodologies associated with a discipline adapted and used to advance research or solve a problem related to an entirely different field. Routledge Open Research is uniquely positioned to provide rapid and comprehensive access to this range of fields and research formats for the benefit of the academic community, industry and society at large.

Routledge Open Research will officially launch in Spring 2022, with books coming in Fall 2022. It will be governed by an independent Editorial Advisory Board made up of researchers from around the world, from different disciplines and at different stages of their careers. Board members will help support the strategy and provide direction as needed.

To learn more about Routledge Open Research, please visit: Routledge Open Research

About Routledge

Routledge is the world’s leading academic publisher in the humanities and social sciences. We publish thousands of books and journals each year, serving academics, instructors and professional communities around the world. Our current publishing program includes groundbreaking textbooks and leading, peer-reviewed research in the social sciences, humanities, built environment, education, and behavioral sciences.

Routledge is the exclusive property of the Taylor & Francis group.

About F1000

F1000 fosters a culture of innovation to accelerate the reach of knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will shape the future. They achieve this by providing open research publication platforms and services to funders and research institutions, including the European Commission, Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as directly to researchers through its own publication platform. open search engine, F1000Research.

F1000 is 100% owned by the Taylor & Francis group.

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