Private Equity, IM Consolidation ‘Is Here’, Make The Right Choice


September 21, 2021

1 minute watch

Source: Healio interview

Disclosures: Flax does not report any relevant financial information.

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In this exclusive video, Lin d’Ira, MD, PA, MACG, private practitioner in Texas, discusses private equity in gastroenterology.

Flax was the moderator on the ACG Private Equity in GI Grand Tour: Looking Back and Moving Forward. For over 30 years, he was Managing Partner at Digestive & Liver Specialists and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Memorial Hermann Health System.

He said that with doctors wondering if private equity is the right decision for them, it is important that they understand their market.

“The private equity is definitely there, and the consolidation is definitely there,” Flax said. “However, this consolidation continues to evolve. Each different platform is actually different, and you have to spend a lot of time figuring out what your goals are. You need to understand what unique platforms have to offer and how your unique market will benefit.

Flax said those interested should understand the financial implications as this is a financial transaction. His concern is to know what will happen to the second reversal of the equity platforms; will this impact a physician’s ability to be an independent practitioner and control their practice in the future?

He concluded by saying that mergers and acquisitions are not as transparent as he would like, so physicians need to understand their practice, their market and have a good system of financial and legal support.


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