New and improved protection services to keep our community safe


Safety all day every day

A Protective Services team is on campus 24/7 to help keep our community safe. They monitor security through various alarms and leverage technology to help respond to emergencies and security requests more quickly.

Security systems are also in place in most campus buildings, such as the Fisher Library, which are on a “free entry” system. This means you don’t need your student ID during peak hours, but on weekends when it’s less crowded, the buildings are placed in ‘safe mode’. This means you will need your student card to enter. In an emergency, a building can lock a building, which means you won’t be able to enter it, leave the building, or move around inside it until you can do so safely.

Security teams are also in place at select campus buildings and locations, such as the Michael Spence Building, Fisher Library, and Brain and Mind Center, to support activities at these facilities. They can help you if you ever feel unsafe or in an emergency. The security teams are firefighters and are certified to perform first aid.

If you are ever concerned about getting to and from campus, especially at night, there is a courtesy bus that operates throughout the semester. The University has three courtesy bus routes. A free evening shuttle runs to and from the Fisher Library (Camperdown campus) and Redfern train station. It operates from 4:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. all year round, except weekends, public holidays and the seasonal holidays at Christmas. There is also a free inter-campus bus service during semesters only from Camperdown Campus to Australia Tech Park.

You can meet Protective Services teams at key campus events such as the Open House, Welcome Party, Graduation and at demonstrations. At all times, the aim is to support the event by ensuring the safety of people in and around the event. For example, during this year’s Semester 2 Welcome Fest, security personnel helped manage traffic along Eastern Avenue so students could move safely around the event.

New and Improved

To help make safety more accessible to you, patrol vehicles have been updated with high-visibility decals to make them easier to identify, and therefore more accessible if you need help on campus. The vehicles are there to support and reassure you whenever you need them. If you are a person with reduced mobility, there is also an accessible vehicle that can be used to help you get around campus.

What to do in an emergency ?

If you ever find yourself, or see someone else, in a dangerous life-threatening, ill or injured situation, or in a serious incident, please dial triple zero (000) for emergency services (fire /ambulance/police).

Then, if possible:

1. Warn people of immediate danger

2. Contain or manage the situation, if safe to do so

3. Raise the alarm by activating an “emergency call or assistance point” (break glass alarm in the event of fire). This will alert the protection services.

4. Evacuate through the nearest safe exit, if available.


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