McEachin votes to expand access to basic reproductive health care for female veterans



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Congressman A. Donald McEachin voted in favor of the Veterans Equal Access to Contraception Act to expand access to basic reproductive health care for female veterans.

The Affordable Care Act grants all women using civilian health insurance access to basic contraceptive services without co-payment while active duty members also have access to contraception without co-payment through TRICARE .

However, the VA still demands a co-payment for contraception, denying ex-combatants equitable access to these essential services.

“Women veterans make incredible sacrifices and risk their lives in the service of our country. They should definitely have equitable access to basic health services, ”said McEachin. “Better access to reproductive health care leads to better physical and mental health outcomes, which is why I was delighted to vote for this legislation aimed at eliminating onerous co-payments for servicemen insured under of VA. “

This coverage gap unfairly puts veteran women at a disadvantage, who are now the fastest growing group entering VA health care. This legislation ensures that they have the same access to contraceptive care as civilian women covered by the ACA and women in active service in the armed forces.



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