Mary Free Bed employee helps amputees in underserved areas regain mobility


GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – Jim Storms, Prosthetist at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, uses her skills to change lives around the world.

Two years ago, Storms partnered with Project Range of Motion (ROMP), helping amputees in underserved countries regain their mobility.

“Prosthetics aren’t cheap items; they’re very expensive,” Storms told FOX 17 News. “And, if you don’t have access to proper prosthetic care, you might have all the capabilities in the world, but you might not be able to meet your goals.”

On his first trip with ROMP to Guatemala, Storms was able to have an immediate impact.

“[We] probably provided some 20 prosthetic legs for different levels of amputees, ”he said. “From children to adults, from below-knee amputees to above-knee amputees.

Recently, Storms climbed Cotopaxi, an active volcano in Ecuador, to help ROMP raise $ 100,000.

Storms, who had no climbing experience, also provided support to other climbers during the adventure.

Courtesy: Mary Free Bed

“About half of the team was amputated and half of the team was not, so it’s pretty amazing and inspiring to see what’s capable when you have access to proper prosthetic care,” said Storms.

Through its “Components for a Cause” program, ROMP also reuses old prostheses that can no longer be used in the United States to help those in need.

Despite a language barrier when traveling, Storms knows his work is appreciated.

“Gratitude and gratitude are always a part of it. But if I can help someone get back to their daily life, that’s why I’m in this.

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Courtesy: Mary Free Bed

The storms left for another trip to Guatemala on October 15.

The Mary Free Bed Guild is sponsoring his trip, along with two colleagues, in the hopes that there will be more trips like this in the future.

To learn more about ROMP, click here.

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