Letters to the Editor – Governor Greg Abbott’s actions on warrants draws much criticism



Leaders embarrass Texas

I have lived happily in Texas for 57 years. Plus, I was a proud Texan, proud of our way of life and enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors. We’ve had larger-than-life leaders in Lyndon Baines Johnson, John Connally and Ann Richards, to name a few.

However, today we have leaders who prove to be a nuisance to our condition and our way of life. We have a governor who claims he is against a federal mandate requiring companies with more than 100 employees to require vaccinations, so he signs his own executive order not forcing companies to follow that order.

Instead of following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to protect us, he is playing politics with our health. He is against our children and our teachers who wear masks during lessons. He is opposed to them being vaccinated for their own health and that of their families.

So what’s his next step? Will he sign a decree banning the compulsory measles vaccine and other injections for schoolchildren? These pictures are compulsory for schoolchildren before entering class. So why can’t we demand that they also take the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves?

I want to remain a proud and responsible Texan. Get vaccinated and wear a mask.

Bassim Nathan, North Dallas

Let companies decide

Dear Governor Greg Abbott, you cannot have it both ways. You can’t say mandates are bad and then turn around and demand that no company can put restrictions on its employees or customers. This is called “hypocrisy” when you know what you are doing is hypocritical.

If Texas truly has a “business friendly environment,” that means each business is free to determine its own policies and regulations – as long as they’re legal, of course.

Trust me when I say that if employees or customers don’t like the rules specified, they will go elsewhere.

Olan Knight, Murphy

Texas is the “anti” state

Although brewing for years, 2021 has set things right. Texas is the “anti” state.

Governor Greg Abbott and his minions in the executive and legislative branches of the government of Texas (and, where applicable, the judiciary) have worked to thwart the will of the majority of the people of that state on many issues. Essentially, they propelled Texas to the rank of the first “anti” state.

Anti: mask, vaccine, gun safety, women’s rights, voting rights, equal representation, public health, common good, LGBTQ rights, people of color, critical thinking in schools, local government control, climate crisis, reliable power grid, immigrants, child safety. The list can go on and on, and it is depressing to see and live with this litany.

It is time for this to end. This must change for the better. Despite the electoral roadblocks put in place, we must vote against these political thugs next year. Texas deserves, demands better.

George Dailey, Dallas / West Village

Abbott clarified the exemptions

Re: “Abbott: Companies Can’t Force Vaccine – Statement conflicts with past position; experts doubt it will hold, “Tuesday news reported.

This front page headline is a typical case of your liberal / leftist writing. I’m pretty confident that many of your readers will take the headline at face value and not read the content of the article. Governor Greg Abbott simply announced, or perhaps clarified, that private companies must provide vaccine exemptions for religious, conscientious and medical reasons.

You keep trying to portray our governor in a bad light while creating even more confusion and resentment when it is not necessary.

Jim Welch, Dallas / Preston Hollow

Pure and simple politics

Thus, Governor Greg Abbott has now reversed his position on the possibility for companies to impose vaccines on their employees. First, everything was fine for him, and now he’s not. Why? And I have to ask the same about mask warrants, especially for schools. We know they’ve saved lives (just like vaccines), and yet he thinks the state government knows better than a school district about its own students and staff.

And please, Governor Abbott, don’t say that it’s every individual’s “personal responsibility” to wear masks and get vaccinated, because personal responsibility is what got us into this mess. first place. You couldn’t even take personal responsibility for protecting yourself from the coronavirus by staying away from a crowded, maskless political rally.

I asked “why” earlier, but I already know the answer. This is outright politics, and to say otherwise would be a lie. Shame on you, Governor Abbott. May God help the great state of Texas because we know our current leaders will not.

Suzanne Le, Irving

10 things about Abbott

Ten things we know about Texas Governor Greg Abbott: 1. He’s not a conservative; his actions on COVID-19 show he has abandoned the conservative principle that the local level, not the government, should make decisions about how to respond to issues like COVID-19. 2. He doesn’t care about Texans; its responses to both the pandemic and the state’s electricity grid crisis last winter resulted in many deaths.

3. He is not pro-business; its recent executive decree banning companies from imposing mandatory requirements to protect their workers proves this. 4. He is a political opportunist, caring primarily, perhaps exclusively, about his own political fortunes. He puts politics above all else. 5. He is a hypocrite, making statements and implementing policies that contradict what he has said and done before.

6. He is the archetype of what is wrong with general politics in the United States 7. He is far from a shining example of what we want from University of Texas-Austin alumni; to paraphrase UT’s mantra, “What starts with Abbott changes the world, but in a negative way.”

8. He ignores the truth, wrongly accusing only President Joe Biden of the border crisis when the current border policy was implemented by former President Donald Trump. 9. He is guided by fear rather than courage and conviction, behaving in a way that does not alienate Trump and the Trump base.

10. Following 1-9, one might correctly infer that Abbott is unethical, lacking a moral compass.

Richard Cherwitz, Austin

Professor Emeritus, University of Texas

Go big or go home

Governor Greg Abbott must be so frustrated. He continues to issue executive orders and policy statements to make him appear even more to the right than his main hardline GOP opponents Allen West and Donald Huffines. It never works. Every time Abbott tries it, West and Huffines take to Twitter and pass him, even more to the radical right.

A suggestion for the governor: Use the Senate Bill 8 tactic that made Texas GOP lawmakers right-wing darlings across the country. Abbott is expected to issue an executive order banning all COVID-19 vaccines in the state of Texas, period, whether they are voluntary or not. Enforce it by allowing all citizens to bring a $ 10,000 lawsuit against anyone who helps someone else get their COVID-19 vaccine.

West and Huffins could roast it not to make it retroactive, so anyone who’s ever had a vaccine could be sued as well, but that could go too far. What the heck, Governor, include that retroactive element in your order. You have to think big or come home.

Andy Shaw, Dallas / Lake Highlands

Vaccination must be a choice

I am a freshman at the University of North Texas. I am writing to say that I agree with Governor Greg Abbott’s mandate that no Texas company can force employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine. As Americans, we have the right not to be vaccinated for any reason.

If Texas requires employees to be vaccinated, it takes away our personal rights as Americans in this country. A person who has religious objections or health problems should not be forced to get the vaccine.

Vaccination should be a choice in America. If Texas required all employees to be vaccinated, there could even be a greater shortage of employees. It would be safer not to force anyone to be vaccinated.

Joey Korah, Dallas

Moral bankruptcy at work

How many more deaths will Gov. Greg Abbott satisfy in his quest for re-election (or, perhaps, for the president)? His cynical “ban” on mandatory corporate vaccinations for employees is beyond contempt. It is moral bankruptcy.

Donald J. Dupier, Plano

What is the governor thinking?

Does our governor think he can have it both ways? He has said time and again that the government should not interfere in our lives. Now he demands that private companies cannot force their employees to be vaccinated. What does he really believe in? Should the government be able to interfere in private affairs when these business leaders are doing what they believe is the right thing to do? They care more about the safety and well-being of the citizens of this state than our governor seems to do.

I wonder what his state of mind is. Does he really believe he is making the right decisions? We can only scratch our heads in wonder.

Doug Moore, Grande Prairie

Rule for helmets, but not masks

I read where the state of Florida decided to require high school girls playing lacrosse to wear helmets to protect themselves from head injuries. Good idea – although it takes away the freedom to play without one for younger athletes who may prefer.

This from the same state that sanctions school districts that require the wearing of face masks to guard against COVID-19 and that withhold money from these districts.

This same is being revealed in almost every state, including Texas, where Governor Greg Abbott refuses to make and enforce mask warrants to protect against this deadly virus. Of course, we have no-smoking zones and seat belt laws, which most people adhere to without complaining that their “personal freedom” is being violated. What hypocrisy!

Roger T. Quillin, Dallas / Lake Highlands

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