LETTER: Council flounders in personal health rights


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After attacking the concept of personal property rights with the “Temporary Logging By-law”, Chatham-Kent Council proposes to embed its will in the personal health rights of its employees and workers. associate members of the community. With a minimum of 2,000 people potentially affected by these decisions, there are some considerations that Coun. Joe Faas and his fellow advisers must weigh in.

Content of the article

Any medical procedure carries a certain degree of risk. There is growing evidence swirling through the suppressed lanes of the “information highway” of disastrous effects on part of the population who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

Was the board adequately informed by staff of the veracity of this information?

Do staff have the medical means to “go through” these reports and convey this information correctly?

I assume that is the responsibility of the medical officer of health, Dr. David Colby.

Will Dr Colby, Council. Faas and the rest of those who vote to force people to “take the jab”, under threat of employment consequences, are ready to take personal financial and moral responsibility if someone is harmed from this medical procedure? How can they know the medical intricacies associated with the thousands of people that their decisions will impact?

The answer is no and they never will if they impose this health requirement. This is far too elaborate a question for untrained counselors to assess. The cost of the litigation will be borne by the taxpayers of Chatham-Kent and the side effects, large or small, will be borne in the body and mind of those who are forced to compromise their integrity.

Enough of that.

Dale Maris



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