How has technology become a solution to global problems?

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Smart Nation digital campaigns will continue to push people’s boundaries and potential for the future, and smart living will impact people’s health, mental health and well-being

People, knowledge, education and entertainment are all digitally connected in cost-effective and nearly frictionless ways, anywhere in the world, anytime.

Citizens, businesses and consumers all benefit from a digital existence, which has opened up a world of potential and promise in commerce, governance and society. Real-time access to a growing number of health, safety and science resources, tools and services requires smart living. Individuals use smart enable living to improve, develop or recreate their lives, to thrive and to have a positive impact on the world.

Information overload, lack of self-confidence and personal abilities, and poor interface design are all associated with increased stress, anxiety, unhappiness, and inactivity. The internet and the rapid pace of digital development, among others, present significant challenges to human contact, security, democracy, jobs and privacy.

Human institutions and technology

Human institutions, including their composition, structure, purposes and activities, as well as technological systems, can be transformed by societies. Regulatory reforms should be implemented by governments and/or industries by establishing norms, standards and codes of conduct, as well as passing laws and regulations.

Technology and people co-evolve at a cost. Over time, people must evolve and adapt to these changes. Although some respondents think that all of this could help in some way, these measures will probably not be enough, mainly due to human nature.

Thanks to technical progress, our world can become fairer and more peaceful. Digital advancements can help promote and accelerate the achievement of applicable Sustainable Development Goals. Technology, on the other hand, has the potential to infringe on privacy, compromise security, and deepen injustices. Human rights and self-determination are affected. Like previous generations, governments, organizations and individuals have a role to play in how new technologies are used and managed.

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