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The Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) has become the new home of a unique library of 329,000 chemical compounds used to advance drug research in Australia.

Professor Katherine Andrews.

In agreement with the Australian Lead Identification Consortium (ALIDC), the Australian Drug Discovery Library (ADDL) will be relocated from Scotland to the GRIDD Compounds Australia facility in Brisbane.

GRIDD Director Professor Katherine Andrews said the move would provide sustainable access to a large library of compounds and advance the discoveries of Griffith researchers and scientists across the country.

“Griffith University’s involvement in the ALIDC partnership strengthens national capacities in drug discovery and epidemic preparedness, facilitating new opportunities for collaboration aimed at improving human health,” said Professor Andrews.

The compounds will be stored in the state-of-the-art Hamilton Verso M3 automated storage system.

“Compounds Australia is now home to around 1.5 million compounds that can be evaluated to find new therapies for any disease, including cancers, infectious diseases and others. “

ALIDC is a collaborative consortium of leading drug discovery organizations from across the country, including Griffith University, and was established to provide Australian drug discovery organizations with open access to a screening library of specially designed compounds.

Compounds Australia Facility Manager Moana Simpson said relocating the library to Australia would improve efficiency, develop a national compound management infrastructure and support the platform for identifying therapeutic leads in Australia. ‘ALIDC.

Moana Simpson.

“ADDL is a carefully curated library that is designed to cover various spaces of drug-like chemistry and is a valuable resource for new drug discovery,” said Ms. Simpson.

“This library composition is unique in Australia and around the world, providing researchers across the country with a comprehensive library of compounds to support the identification of therapeutic leads.

“Local access will speed up drug discovery projects and hopefully increase the chances of achieving positive health and business outcomes. “

The library was purchased with assistance from the Australian government through its MTPConnect program and a $ 300,000 grant to Therapeutic Innovation Australia’s GRIDD Compounds Australia facility will help maintain the library and promote access to it. scientists from across Australia.

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