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Scarborough’s waterfront is the perfect place for digital connectivity with the introduction of free public Wi-Fi.

The first phase was rolled out on the city’s waterfront, with the second and third phases covering the city center and the shopping area launched at the end of the summer.

We are rolling out the program in 16 market towns across the county to support the recovery and growth of communities and businesses.

Scarborough is the third city to benefit from the power-up after the successful deployment to Leyburn and Northallerton in early June.

Andrew Clay, CEO of Scarborough Museum Trust, believes the new Wi-Fi service will help promote some of the city’s most beloved tourist destinations.

He said: “The Rotunda Museum holds pride of place, but the Scarborough Art Gallery on the Crescent is often missed by the public. That’s why we know we need to bring our offer to the people – where visitors and residents of Scarborough congregate – free public Wi-Fi service, in areas identified in all three phases, would allow us to do so. make.

“We talked about creating a museum on the main street – almost like a mini taste or a pop-up – a kind of main street experience that introduces our activities to new audiences. I could see free wifi helping us do this.

Andrew is also the director of Woodend Creative Workspace which houses 52 office units occupied by more than 100 people.

“We have seen a change in people’s work habits since Covid,” Andrew added. “People want a mix and match approach. Free, robust and reliable Wi-Fi service throughout the city center is all the more reason for these businesses to stay in the middle of Scarborough.

Downtown public Wi-Fi is an opportunity to bring people back to local city centers as a destination as more and more people continue to work from home. It aims to promote local shops and services and to create a different downtown experience.

Free public access to Wi-Fi gives people with limited or no broadband the opportunity to access essential municipal, government and health services and participate in the digital economy.

Richard Askew is the Managing Director of Scarborough-based Software Developers, Askew Brook, and a representative of the Yorkshire, North East and Humber Federation of Small Businesses.

He said: “When we poll our members, broadband and connectivity are always a major concern, so news that free public Wi-Fi will be available in high-traffic areas of Scarborough is welcome.

“The wider benefit for visitors and residents is also very encouraging. Visitors will find it easier to keep up to date with Scarborough’s wider offerings and residents who need an internet connection to apply for jobs, pay their bills, and more. will have a place that allows them to do so.

As part of the deployment, the public can access Eduroam, which allows anyone in the research or teaching field to access resources on the go.

County Councilor Don Mackenzie, our Executive Member for Access, said: “As Scarborough is home to North Yorkshire’s only university campus, we look forward to the benefits Eduroam will bring. The city is also a hotspot for tourism, so I hope businesses take advantage of the service as we recover from the pandemic.

“Improving the county’s digital infrastructure is key to helping people access local and national public services and economic opportunities. We have already received very positive feedback from Leyburn and Northallerton so we are confident that we will have the same result at Scarborough. “

David Dickson, Chairman of the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership Infrastructure & Joint Assets Board, said: “Improving digital connectivity is vital to our economy. This is a key recommendation put forward by LEP in a major study on the future prospects of cities in our region. We are delighted to see the continued progress of this project.

A £ 3million investment has been made by the York & North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership as part of its allocation from the government Getting Building fund.

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