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“The star student success model promotes the alignment of shared goals, funding, initiatives, assessment and research with students at the center,” said Amy Buechler-Steubing, Senior Director of Strategic Planning and Student Success Administration at UTSA and Director of Student Success Initiatives. “Colleges and Academic Support Divisions are working together to help students more easily access resources, implement effective college-wide initiatives, promote best practices for student success, and harness our creativity and our collective expertise.

Buechler-Steubing meets frequently with staff from all College Student Success Center staff to share new resources, review data, and align efforts. The networked approach between the centers allows them to focus on the broader strategic priorities of their respective fields while establishing basic standards of care, consistency of services, and effective assessment approaches across the university. As a result, students can more easily navigate support services and find personalized assistance.

These centers complement existing hubs located throughout the Academic Success District. For example, students can meet all of their counseling needs, from enrollment to graduation, at the College Student Success Center. The Tomás Rivera Center for Academic Excellence is the central location for tutoring and success coaching. Students looking for additional instruction can find it in the Collaborative Learning Hub. First-generation and transfer students will find personalized support programs through the Mentoring Hub.

“Through these efforts, we are cultivating an inclusive and collaborative support ecosystem that connects, empowers and equips students to become lifelong learners and active citizens,” said Tammy Wyatt, vice-rector for student success at UTSA. “The College Success District and Student Success Centers demonstrate UTSA’s commitment to meeting the changing needs of students and ensuring they can access these resources as easily as possible.”

More support on the horizon

The Student Success division is also expanding the integration of TutorMe, an online tutoring platform. First launched in 2020, TutorMe is a free service with 24/7 live academic support. TutorMe provides access to highly qualified tutors from top universities around the world. This fall, over 100 courses in over 650 sections will have TutorMe as an academic support resource available. The multitude of options allows students to choose the services that meet their personal academic needs at their own pace.

The Student Success team has also partnered with the Academic Innovation division on several special projects. For example, this fall, divisions will launch the Adobe Undergraduate Institute, which includes a series of short projects that offer students the opportunity to produce work that improves their digital literacy skills. Students will have access to graduate assistants and digital literacy coaches throughout the experience.


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