ButterflyMX Launches Access Control Industry’s First Open API and SDK to Enable Third-Party Integrations


ButterflyMX’s open API / SDK enables partners to enhance the user experience within their own platforms by accessing ButterflyMX functionality and functionality. By integrating with ButterflyMX, partners can take advantage of useful features such as opening doors and gates, managing guest access, and receiving video calls within their app or platform. mobile. This adds convenience, improves user adoption rates, and enhances product functionality for partners and their customers.

Dozens of leading companies in real estate technology and related industries have already integrated with ButterflyMX. Its current integration partners offer services ranging from smart apartment locks and property management software to resident experience solutions and smart apartment controllers in the unit. A full list of ButterflyMX integrations can be found by visiting https://butterflymx.com/features/integrations/

Integration with ButterflyMX is easy. Potential partners interested in the integration can contact [email protected] to learn more about its integration conditions and to access the necessary API / SDK documentation. ButterflyMX invites all companies looking for a partnership enriching the experience to contact them.

About ButterflyMX
ButterflyMX is your complete home ownership solution, providing a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to manage and grant access on the go. Empower your tenants to open doors, gates and elevators with a smartphone and make sure they never miss a visitor or a delivery. Benefit from easy installation and reduce costs by eliminating building wiring and hardware in the unit, and save time by integrating with common access control and property management systems. Join over 6,000 multi-family, commercial, gated and student properties that made access easy with ButterflyMX.


SOURCE ButterflyMX

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