AP Access for All program to offer free virtual AP classes to Tennessee students


High school students in Tennessee will soon have access to virtual Advanced Placement courses through the AP Access for All program.

The program comes from a partnership between the Tennessee Department of Education and the Niswonger Foundation and is funded by federal coronavirus relief money.

Fourteen online AP courses will be offered for the fall semester, taught by teachers from across the state who have registered to teach in the program.

For school districts in the Chattanooga area, district officials said the program will provide opportunities for students who typically cannot take AP classes and students with scheduling conflicts, as well as training in ‘more teachers to teach AP courses.

Angie Gill Tuck, data and assessment supervisor at Bradley County Schools, said AP classes are typically taught at one of two high schools in the district. From now on, students in both secondary schools will have more course choices.

“[For] example, classes where we didn’t have enough kids to fill a full class so you couldn’t pull a teacher to teach that [if you had], say, just four kids who were interested, “Tuck said.” So if we have a few kids interested in a class, we can now allow them to take that class and we will do it in a number of ways. “

Bradley County High Schools operate on a block schedule with 90-minute classes. For fall, students will take the course year-round in a shortened 45-minute block, and for classes starting in the spring, classes will be scheduled for a normal block but listed as a study room period.

“It will look like their schedule like they have a study room or a class like that, but it’s a place where these kids get together, and when they’re in that room, that’s where they are. they will go, they will log in, we will have a person who is just there to supervise, to make sure that everyone is doing what they have to do, there are no technical problems ”, a Tuck said. “You can have 15 different kids at the same time, but they all work on different AP classes.”

Students with full class schedules can also take classes in their free time outside of school, and school officials have said one-on-one devices make that option possible.

Leneda Laing, secondary education supervisor at Cleveland City Schools, said every high school student has a Macbook and a class period where they can be scheduled to work on an AP Access for All class. .

She said one of the district’s goals is to bring attention to three courses offered by the program that are not offered in the school: AP Art History, AP Microeconomics, and AP US Government and Politics. .

“Then our next recruiting point is for students who maybe an AP class or all AP classes, of course, don’t fit into their schedule, so they’re looking to hone their skills so they can get a bit more classes that aren’t in their schedule or even just trying it out, ”Laing said.

“We’re looking at under-represented populations and our advisors are looking at who they can meet and maybe can say, we need to put you in an AP course and just try that,” because we want our campus to have a culture of “ you can do it, we believe in you, we want to prepare you for college and career ”.”

In Hamilton County schools, Jamie Parris, director of secondary education and learning, said AP courses are part of the district’s plan to expand early post-secondary opportunities for students, with more other options such as dual enrollment, the International Baccalaureate and dual state credit. available.

For the 2020-21 school year, high school students in the district achieved more than 900 industry certifications in areas such as coding, construction, and health sciences. Parris said that 27 AP courses were offered in high schools last year, and that this year 23 courses will be offered in the fall semester.

The registration deadline for classes is August 25 and classes start August 30.

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AP Access for All courses offered for the fall semester 2021

– History of AP art.

– AP biology.

– AP calculation AB.

– Computer AP A.

– AP environmental science.

– AP human geography.

– AP language and composition.

– Literature and composition AP.

– AP macroeconomics.

– AP microeconomics.

– AP psychology.

– AP statistics.

– AP Government and Politics of the United States.

– AP history of the United States.

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