Anti-abortion groups to challenge Utah Satanists at reproductive rights rally



Anti-abortion groups plan to oppose the Satanic Temple’s reproductive rights rally in Utah on Saturday.

The rally is the first time the Satanic Temple will hold in Salt Lake City to support access to abortion, Chalice Blythe, Minister of Satan with the Satanic Temple, told 2 News in an interview.

“Our commitment to protecting the bodily autonomy and scientifically reasoned personal choice of our members remains unwavering,” the Satanic Temple said in a statement announcing the event.

“This is an affirmation of our position and our efforts in the area of ​​religious reproductive rights,” Blythe said.

The event was originally scheduled to take place in 2020 but was canceled due to the coronavirus. The group argued that it is their religious right to have an abortion and that access to abortion is protected for members under laws on the restoration of religious freedom.

Pro-Life Utah and Utah Patriots plan to protest the event, which Blythe said she expected, adding that the groups have “the right to walk in their freedom to counter the protests.”

However, Blythe said the group paid for security because he believes the counter-protesters will have concealed weapons.

The two anti-abortion groups said in a statement they were protesting “to show that the citizens of Utah support legislation that protects the unborn child – the innocent human lives that are targeted by abortion laws. and pro-abortion “.

“Utah is a life affirming state. We believe that love, kindness and support for women during pregnancies in crisis, while protecting unborn life, is the way to move society forward, ”said Deanna Holland, Executive Director of Pro-Life Utah .

Both groups said they were “committed” to keeping the counter-demonstration peaceful, but cannot control whether people decide to cover up the transport as it is legal in the state.

“Having participants transport legally and peacefully is a right granted to all citizens of Utah and is not managed by our organization,” Holland told the local outlet.

The protests come as some Republican-led states have passed laws that limit a woman’s ability to have an abortion.

The Hill has contacted the Satanic Temple, Pro-Life Utah and Utah Patriots for comment.



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