An ITU member committee calls for the opening of the E band for the 5G link, the V band for Wi-Fi


India’s ITU APT Foundation has written to Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw to open E-band high-frequency range to support 5G network and remove V-band for Wi-Fi services under the upcoming phase of telecommunications reforms.

The second round of telecommunications reforms should be in place by May. The reforms will emphasize the ease of doing business, reduce the costs of doing business and promote affordable connectivity across the country.

The industry non-profit also recommended removing the use of 1,100 megahertz spectrum in the 6 Ghz frequency range to promote Wi-Fi services in the country.

Telecom operators have demanded the allocation of spectrum in the E and V bands through auctions, while other sets of Internet service providers have requested the decommissioning of these bands in accordance with the recommendations of the sector regulator Trai and global practice. ITU APT Foundation of India (IAFI), in a letter dated February 24, said the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has been recommending V-band downgrading since 2015. ”Various economists have pointed out that V-band downgrading could trigger unprecedented economic growth and an increase in GDP. The estimated economic value of WiFi in unlicensed spectrum bands (including V-band) in India is expected to be around Rs 12.7 lakh crores (for GDP at current prices) in 2025,” said the IAFI. The industry body said removing licenses from spectrum is the most transparent and fair way to allocate spectrum and is fully in line with the Supreme Court ruling in the 2G case. In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled that the allocation of spectrum for commercial purposes must be at a market-determined price, in a fair and transparent manner. The IAFI said that the removal of licenses from the 6 Ghz band will open up new opportunities for innovators and manufacturers to develop products and technologies and will also increase opportunities for smart home and industrial products made in India for the markets. ‘export. The 6 GHz band is currently widely used by satellites for uplinking broadcast channels as well as VSAT players to provide data connectivity, and is not currently used for mobile operations. The government has not yet opened up access to the E and V bands for the industry. The IAFI said V-band offers a wireless solution that can quickly help meet the aspirations of the Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI) initiative. “This band has short link lengths due to the oxygen-absorbing characteristics of these frequencies which make it nearly interference-free and ideal for deploying large numbers of short links. We therefore recommend the urgent downgrading of the V-band for wifi,’ the IAFI said. According to the industry body, E-band spectrum, which corresponds to radio waves in the 70-80 Ghz band, is used for 5G backhaul services in several countries to connect antennas of mobile towers. “Automated online V-band licensing for DoT-approved operators is important to accelerate mobile operators’ deployment of 5G… We therefore recommend the urgent opening of E-band for backhaul on a automatic basis only for licensed operators,” the IAFI said.

IAFI is recognized as an international/regional telecommunications organization by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

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