A violation of human rights


The media has cut off its coverage of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s carnage in Ukraine and the government’s massive new investments in our arms industry. Imagine gun lobbyists sitting in armchairs with cigars and drinks, having no immediate need to target members of Congress.

President Joe Biden is bound by a 77-year tradition of asking manufacturers to ramp up production of missiles, howitzers and tanks. Indeed, our steady buildup of armaments in Eastern Europe itself may have provoked Putin’s malevolent response.

Instead, we learn that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito has written a detailed preliminary opinion that will overturn the 49-year-old’s decision to allow women, if they need or choose to terminate a pregnancy, the right legal to decide to do so in a safe way. . This is an assault on American women!

Despite the fact that during confirmation hearings, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh said Roe v. Wade was an established law, each is signed to reverse the decision. They lied to be confirmed. Of course, we’ve seen Kavanaugh sweat, rave, and lie about other things during his confirmation. Judge Clarence Thomas also lied to be confirmed in his lifetime appointment.

Why might women want or need an abortion? Pregnancy can be caused by rape at a party, rape after burglary, gang rape, divorce or termination of a relationship with a partner, failure of contraception, determination of a severely defective fetus , a risk to the health of the mother, the inability to provide financially for the needs of the newborn or — quite simply, the right of women to choose. In contrast, consider that men retain the unlimited right to choose whether or not to father a child, join a health club, or play golf.

Alito wrote that “abortion is not deeply rooted in the nation’s history or traditions”. Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse responded in a May 3 article that Alito “makes no mention of things that are rooted in the nation’s history and traditions: slavery, disenfranchisement, discrimination”.

There are other terrible things to remember about this nation’s history, such as the attempt to kill the natives of the mainland, the murder of Chinese and other colored immigrants, the confinement of the Japanese for years in concentration camps, the 1960s assassinations of prominent opponents of the Vietnam War, and the celebration of white supremacy.

I would also include the support of many politicians for the unrestricted possession of military-style weapons that members of our population use daily to kill others, planned killings in public places, attendees at religious meetings and services, and even few children enrolled in a primary school.

Sorry Judge Alito. You’ve spent too much time with your nose in the back of law books. You have a story around women’s issues. You would oppose the equal rights amendment. You would have opposed women’s suffrage, but you were born too late. Your “originalist” profile only says that men must rule. You led the opposition to the admission of women to your alma mater, Princeton. How could we expect impartial judicial opinions from you?

Democrats are working to codify women’s right to choose into law, but Republicans are blocking that possibility in Congress. The most recent Republican president was a laughing, shrill woman abuser.

MSNBC’s Yamiche Alcindor interviewed an abortion opponent in the Supreme Court who was happy with the court’s pending ruling, saying he could now focus on related issues. What is that?

Republicans have a list. Then comes the annulment of the Court’s decision Obergefell v. Hodges of 2015 which followed the provisions of the 14th Amendment allowing same-sex couples to marry. Roe v. Wade is the opening salvo of a zealous Republican campaign to reduce the power of the people and their private rights. It’s obviously fascist. It will target contraception, marriage between ethnically different parties (miscegenation) which was illegal in most states until 1968, and consensual same-sex sexual relations, illegal until 1986.

Republican leaders and a majority of followers are on a mission to lead the country into the past century, when the disabled had no rights, the mentally ill were institutionalized and the eugenics movement that inspired Adolf Hitler was created and popular here.

Republicans have presented no political platforms in 2020. Denying the franchise and personal rights is their plan in the states, their unpublished agenda for the future.

Abortion bans will be completed in states where this process is well underway. Success is promised by parallel efforts to disenfranchise voters who threaten the Republican hold on power.

Two dismissive comments about ending abortion are deeply troubling. The first is, if your state prohibits abortion, “take the bus.” Not all rape victims would have the award. The other is “defective unborn child can survive”.

Charlemont resident Carl Doerner is an author and historian who is currently working on re-examining and questioning the “American narrative”.


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