A new hospital is slated to open in White Hall this month


WHITE HALL, W.Va (WDTV) – My Health Marion Neighborhood Hospital was a full-service hospital that opened at Middletown Commons in White Hall following the closure of another county hospital.

“A little over a year or a year and a half ago, when Fairmont Regional announced its closure. A lot of people panicked about where they would get hospital care, ”said Mon Health President and CEO David Goldberg.

This opened a window for My Health to open the first neighborhood hospital in West Virginia. Despite its small size, the hospital provided 24/7 emergency care with a total of eight emergency beds.

“It’s just in a smaller box, if you will, a little more compact. A little more focused than you’d see if you walked up here to My Health Medical Center, which is hundreds of thousands of square feet, and we’ve built it all over 20,000 square feet, ”Goldberg explained.

The hospital also had 10 inpatient beds with full on-site access to radiology, lab tests, heart monitoring and a pharmacy.

The district would also offer cardiology and psychiatry services via telemedicine.

The primary purpose of this hospital was to provide closer access to emergency medical care for residents of Marion County. By opening this facility, residents could avoid traveling to Bridgeport or Morgantown for this health care.

Goldberg shares that if a patient needed specialist care, Neighborhood would send them to a facility of their choice.

The hospital planned to hold its ribbon cut on December 10 and open the following week.

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