A new bed giving you sleepless nights? Here are your rights to have it repaired


Since you spend about a third of your life in bed, most people are happy to pay a little more for a good one, which makes the situation even worse if your bed breaks and no one wants you. refund or exchange it, even if it came with the best selling points, warranties and guarantees.

Guarantee and warranty generally mean the same thing and are used interchangeably, but the people who make the beds interpret these two words very differently. Understanding what they mean will help you understand that you cannot claim a new bed every five years if yours breaks.

For starters: the length of the warranty does not indicate how long your bed will last, but rather an indication of the quality of the bed. Therefore, a lifetime warranty on a bed indicates that it is of higher quality.

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A bed with a ‘Guarantee

In bed factory parlance, a “warranty” usually means that the factory will fix any problems you have with the bed and bear the costs during the warranty period.

During this period, which is usually a year or two, the factory will exchange the bed if you have a problem, but only if the problem is with the material or the construction. Therefore, you can’t just expect a new bed if your back hurts after sleeping on it.

The ‘Guarantee’ on your bed

A “warranty” usually begins when the warranty expires and can cover from one year to even 25 years or even be a “lifetime warranty”, although we are not told in advance how long life we’re talking about here.

If you experience a problem with your bed within this time frame, the factory must repair or replace your bed according to its own internal policies. You get a copy of the warranty when you buy a bed.

It seems bed factories calculate how much you can claim by dividing the value of your bed by the number of years of warranty to get a pro-rated amount you can use to get a discount on a new bed or repair the bed.

So if you bought a bed eight years ago and paid R5000 for a bed with a ten year “guarantee” and a two year “guarantee”, your prorated amount will be R2000 rands calculated as follows: 5,000 rands divided by 10 years = R500 x 4 years (10 years less the 6 years of the “guarantee” elapsed) = R2,000.

However, these guarantees are not subject to conditions, such as:

  • No coverage for normal wear and tear
  • The factory decides whether the bed should be repaired or exchanged, not you.
  • The bed will only be replaced by an identical or similar model
  • You must use your bed according to user specifications. If your children jump on it or if you are too heavy, your “guarantee” will not be valid
  • The bed should be clean with no stains on the cover
  • The bed should be properly maintained according to the manufacturer’s specifications, such as turning it over regularly.

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What does the Consumer Protection Act say about it?

Your rights as a consumer in relation to Consumer Protection Act (LPC) come first.

Section 55

Section 55 gives you the right to expect the bed to be of good quality and to give you a good night’s rest. The bed should be in good working order with no defects and you should be able to use it for quite a long time before it breaks.

Section 56

Under Section 56, your bed has an implied warranty that it meets the requirements and standards of Section 55.

The implied warranty covers your bed for the first six months after you purchase it and you can return it within that time to the manufacturer at their expense and risk if they fail to meet the requirements and standards of Section 55.

The bed will then have to be repaired or exchanged, or you will have to be reimbursed.

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Section 57

If the manufacturer chooses to repair the bed, the repair work will be covered by a three-month guarantee, in accordance with Article 57.

Therefore, if you find that the bed is still defective within three months of being repaired, the manufacturer must replace it or reimburse you. This warranty covers the material and labor required to repair the bed.


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