4 LGBTQ groups say they will boycott New York City Mayor Adams’ pride reception over appointment of councilors they claim are anti-LGBTQ


The four New York-based LGBTQ groups – Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn, Stonewall Democrats of NYC, Equality New York and the Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens – pointed out that their boycott was due to the mayor’s nomination of pastor Fernando Cabrera in as a senior adviser. for the Office of Faith and Community Partnerships and Pastor Erick Salgado as Assistant Commissioner for Immigrant Affairs.

The joint statement describes the two anti-LGBTQ pastors, but does not specify why. The statement said the groups take issue with Cabrera because of his “link to the anti-LGBTQ group Alliance Defending Freedom,” which they say aims to restrict gay rights both domestically and abroad. Meanwhile, the joint statement describes Salgado as “another anti-LGBTQ pastor.”

CNN discovered that in 2016 Salgado tweeted that Bill de Blasio, then mayor of New York, “wants you to allow your daughters to share the bathroom with a transgender person. Shame on him.”

CNN reached out to Cabrera and Salgado for comment, but did not hear back.

In February, Cabrera said in a Facebook post that he was “deeply sorry for the undue pain and suffering my past remarks have caused the LGBTQ+ community.” He provided context, touting his work exposing anti-gay hate crimes and voting in favor of city council bills that support LGBTQ+ rights.

Salgado also released a statement after his appointment in February saying that “his views have evolved as society has evolved. necessary service.”

In a statement to CNN, the Alliance Defending Freedom said it was “one of the largest and most effective legal defense organizations dedicated to protecting the freedom of religion and freedom of expression of all Americans,” claiming that criticism of LGBTQ groups is based on “defamation.” label” on his organization from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The joint statement also stresses that “Mayor Adams’ sole interests are his own and prioritize the needs of the city’s policing and oversight institutions over investments in education, mental health, community health, and social services.” LGBTQ service”. He also notes that the mayor has “tested the boundaries of the LGBTQ community to see where he can overstep — including those he can afford to ignore in the name of his own interests.”

A fifth LGBTQ group, the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, had previously announced that it would not be attending the reception. Allen Roskoff, the organization’s president, said on May 26 that the group refused to attend the event. He said Adams had been “a disappointment” to the LGBTQ community, pointing out that his administration had done little for the LGBTQ community.

Reception is scheduled for Gracie Mansionthe official residence of the mayors of New York, where Adams resides.

Adams says Cabrera and Salgado apologized for previous remarks

Adams was interviewed in February press conference about Cabrera and Salgado’s previous anti-LGBTQ remarks and he said they apologized to him.

“There are a lot of Americans who want to act like they’ve always embraced marriage. That’s not the reality. People evolve. They get better because of what they’re going through. I sat down with all of my appointees through a very rigorous nomination process. I believe what they said and how they feel, in their own words – I heard them, I accept their apologies, and now it’s time to us to bring our city together,” Adams said at the press conference.

On Thursday, Adams publicist Fabien Levy told CNN, “Mayor Adams has a long history with LGBTQ New Yorkers and has included diverse perspectives in collaboratively building both a team of mayor and a program that reflects the voices of the community.”

“The Mayor is grateful to have welcomed many of these groups to City Hall and personally sat down with them to hear their insights on engaging New Yorkers across the city,” Levy said in an email. “Our team is committed to serving all New Yorkers equally and fairly, no matter who they love or how they identify, and is excited to host a Pride celebration at Gracie Mansion next week.”

CNN’s Artemis Moshtaghian contributed to this report.


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