52-week challenge: save almost without realizing it

Saving is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions. And, also, one of those we usually leave early. Lack of motivation and discipline have much of the blame. However, this year you can do it. How? With the challenge of 52 weeks, a very popular method in the United States with which, at the end of the year, you will have 1,378 euros saved.

Can you imagine making the trip of your dreams even with problems to reach the end of the month? If you put the 52-week challenge into practice, we assure you that you have it much easier. This idea to save is as good as it is simple and also hides a powerful teaching. Let’s see what it is based on.

The 52 week challenge


This method consists of saving during the 52 weeks of the year. Week one, we saved one euro; week two, two euros; week three, three euros and, thus, until week 52. If you add everything you have to save, you will see that you will end the year with a surplus of 1,378 euros. As easy as you read.

At this point, you are probably wondering how you are going to save the corresponding amount in recent weeks. Well, you have enough time to organize and try to get that money in the long term so as not to abandon the challenge. Do not settle for the euro in the first few weeks and be a forecaster. If you have a remnant, achieving it will be a piece of cake.

What do we learn from the 52 week challenge?

What do we learn from the 52 week challenge?

The interesting thing about this methodology is the acquisition of good habits in relation to saving and its cumulative effect. It motivates to see how, week by week, our savings are growing. In addition, if for any reason you were forced to leave it in week 35, you would have already saved 630 euros.

One of the tricks to make this challenge a success is to start it with your partner, either doing it separately or together. In the first case, when the willpower falters, it is good to have someone’s support. However, you can also do it with a family member or with a friend. Together, it’s always better!

If you have encouraged and are going to implement this methodology, to do so, you can go putting the money in a piggy bank, schedule transfers to your savings account and, if you do not have one, create it. It is important that you separate the money you save from common expenses and receipts so that you are aware of what you are being able to do yourself.

Every effort has its rewards

Every effort has its rewards

Imagine that you are fond of this saving technique and carry it out year after year. Having a savings account will not only allow you to save, but will also bring you benefits. A profit that you can reinvest for the medium-long term to have a more than interesting amount.

Head over to any office of your trusted Rural Fund to be advised on the different financial savings products and become a customer. Saving is not easy, but as we have shown you, it is not impossible either.